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John Sastry
Retirement Wreckers
John Sastry, author
If only there was a guide to help you successfully navigate your retirement ... Luckily you have found this book. Many of us assume we know all the answers when it comes to ending our careers and enjoying our workfree lives. But what if what you knew about retirement was incorrect? If there are hidden pitfalls that can wreck it? In Retirement Wreckers, John J. Sastry explores some of the common mistakes people make when planning and implementing their retirement. With real-life case studies that add weight to the important issues discussed. With his decades of financial planning for retirement, John outlines the solutions to these problems which will make your retirement simple and successful ... And without the headache! Whether you are already retirement or wish to retire soon, this book is the must-have guide to a fantastic and stress-free retirement. Grab a copy of Retirement Wreckers today and ensure that you get the best out of your future work-free life now.