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Roy Clinton
Return of Midnight Marauder
Roy Clinton, author

Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Market)

Driven from his home to protect his loved ones from retaliation from the town council of Bandera, Texas, John Crudder becomes a vagabond. As he moves across the state, each place he stops he sees injustice and so continues his role as the Midnight Marauder. In Huntsville, he finds cruelty worse than anything he has previously seen. And the man responsible escapes justice for murder and lives beyond the reach of the law. Crudder’s stand against such evil is the only way he can get the Scales of Justice to balance. Crudder becomes aware of the role of a politician in central Texas who brings the Ku Klux Klan to the state and sets out to persuade him to change his ways. Crudder is now a wanted man with a price on his head. Everywhere he goes, he reads the wanted posters about the Midnight Marauder. He wonders if he will forever have to live in the shadows.