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Roy Clinton
Revenge of Midnight Marauder
Roy Clinton, author

Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Market)

John Crudder is back as the Midnight Marauder, this time facing his greatest challenge to rescue Charlotte Hanson, the woman he loves. She has been kidnapped to force her father to sell the H&F Ranch. Only the Midnight Marauder can save her and so far his efforts have proved unsuccessful. The corrupt politicians in Bandera are surely behind the kidnapping but they carry on with life as if nothing is amiss. John becomes aware the corrupt town council has highly placed confederates in the governor’s office. Crudder’s quest takes him to the state capitol where he is determined to weed out everyone who has had a hand in taking Charlotte. With time running out, the Midnight Marauder unleashes a flurry of revenge that may result in not only his death but that of the woman he loves.