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Arianne Tablante
Service Provider
Rhyme Rhythm Reason
Rhyme Rhythm Reason This is not a book. Here we have a few giggles and chuckles for those who remember the three Rs and wished there were something better. At last it has arrived. Here it is. Rhyme Rhythm Reason, some wry fun and frolic with poems and paragraphs. Born at an early age at Dalwallinu Western Australia on Monday June 26th 1933 at 3:30 P.M. Future birthday gifts gratefully accepted. Monday’s child is fair of face, true but I was also meek and mild. Spent fifteen forgettable months in Ballidu and then drove to Merredin. Sent to School early 1939, and one breakfast time heard Prime Minister Menzies, on the kitchen wireless, declare war, but worse, there was tooth in my toast. Introduced to the three Rs and the amazing crystal set. Two years at Waroona on Oakford Farm then came home to be a paperboy. Took to the piano thanks to dear Poppy Lovett. Heard there was a ‘Tommy bomb’ about. Then, for the first time, had to wear shoes and thrived for 5 years boarding at Wesley College. Soon off to university and a brief teaching career with the traditional three Rs, including phonics, against the rules of fashion. Tasted London and Palermo and later librarianship in Perth. Then enjoyed Melbourne friendships, John, Great Danes, Photography, and a long successful career in schools and universities. Retired to a life of contemplation white win and letters to the editor.