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RIDE the WILD WIND - Book II - Sheriff Robert Gallegos - The Witch's Grave

Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

Ride the Wild Wind, Book II - Sheriff Robert Gallegos - the Witch's Grave, is a sequel to Book I - Sheriff Robert Gallegos - Friends and Enemies. However, it's a stand-alone book, like the first, mystery, murder, love, loss, life, new friends, new enemies, in this fictional southwestern rural town and county, circa 1965, who live in, or pass through, or threaten this home-town in southwestern New Mexico. Like Brigadoon, Aragón Valley is there, it's inhabitants revolve around the hub who is the Mexican-American, Native American, ex WWII Marine, now their sheriff - it's there if you believe it's there. Exciting, fun, sensuous, kind, multi-cultural, tough - like the Rio Grande, and the wild wind that kicks up the red dirt, and the monsoons that turn the dirt in red mud - Aragón Valley - its friends and enemies, it's angels and witches, will keep you reading and make you wish you were there. Contributor Notes (586 / 2500) Ms. Ashton wrote Ride the Wild Wind, Book I - Sheriff Robert Gallegos - Friends and Enemies, because she loves New Mexico, and because, one day, babysitting some of her paintings in a gallery in Taos, New Mexico, she began a series of water-color portrait sketches. When she had about twenty-five, she was sure she heard their collective voices: "Write our story," so she did. Unwilling to "leave" her imaginary valley, she has now completed Book II - Sheriff Robert Gallegos-The Witch's Grave, and will continue on, as the characters keep insisting, "Write our stories," into Book III. Title: RIDE the WILD WIND Book II Subtitle: Sheriff Robert Gallegos - The Witch's Grave Contributors: Josephine Ashton ISBN: 978-1-387-86684-7 Imprint: Edition ONE License: All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License Copyright Holder: Josephine Ashton Copyright Year: 2022