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Susan Zarif
Riding the Khamseen Wind
Susan Zarif, author
Riding the Khamseen Wind is my autobiography about the 25 years I lived overseas. I worked in Vietnam during the War, 1970-72 (Ch. 4). It is from my perspective as an American woman. It was a life-changing experience. After that I wandered down the International Hippy Trail from India to Thailand & Laos. (Ch 5). Then I got back together with Salim, my college boyfriend, and we lived in Saudi Arabia for 16 years. (Ch 7). He is Lebanese and we went in and out of the war in Lebanon in the 70s and 80s. More recently I lived in Cairo for 2 years. You will see fascinating sights & cultures in India & the Far East, you will experience 2 wars, life in an Arab family & the Arab culture from an American wife's perspective. There are 73 pages of fascinating photos also. Sometimes you will gasp, you will be shocked and/or angry. You will laugh and sometimes even cry. Come with me on a journey around the world that you will not forget,