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Kadin Seton
Rim War: Subversion
Kadin Seton, author
On the outer rim of the galaxy, in a century old battle, a heinous adversary is carrying out a religious calling to exterminate all other sentient species ... At 105 years of age, Millie Helgren knows her days are numbered when she enters a government-operated nursing home. Only instead of withering away from old age, Millie becomes entangled in a conspiracy to covertly supply Earth’s senior citizens to an imperial military in a distant part of the galaxy. At first it’s a mystery why would a group of advanced species be interested in elderly humans with dietary restrictions and physical ailments. But what if they happened to possess the medical tech to give someone like Millie a new lease on life as an imperial soldier? Through intense training Millie discovers a level of strength and tenacity she thought was long lost. Soon she is thrust into a rank and file that she knows nothing about, aboard an imperial warship, reporting to a tough captain who has little respect for humans. To make matters worse, the imperial military is outnumbered, outgunned, and facing certain defeat.