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River of Silence
When Detective Winston Radhauser is awakened by a call from dispatch at 12:45 a.m., it can mean only one thing. Something terrible awaits him. He races to the Pine Street address and knocks repeatedly. No answer. The door is unlocked. “Police,” he calls out. Again, no one responds. He unsnaps his holster and places his hand on his gun. In the kitchen, Caleb Bryce, nearly deaf from a childhood accident, is frantically giving CPE to 19-month-old Skyler Sterling. Less than an hour later, Skyler is dead. The ME calls it a murder and the entire town of Ashland, Oregon is outraged. Someone must be held accountable. The police captain is under a lot of pressure and anxious to make an arrest. Despite Radhauser’s doubts, Bryce is arrested and charged with first degree murder. Neither Radhauser nor Bryce’s young public defender believe he is guilty. Radhauser will fight for justice, even if it means losing his job. River of Silence explores the themes of family ties, forgiveness, disabilities, justice and redemption. Changed as a result of his journey with Bryce, Radhauser has finally let go of his past and is ready to move, unburdened, into a future with his wife, their 4-year-old daughter, and their soon-to-be born son.