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Road to Eden
Tim Twombly, author
Mild mannered Dewey “Doc” Ruggles needs to step it up. He and his wife Margaret Ann aren’t just drifting apart; they’re being pried apart by her Life Coach, a scurrilous, self-serving, arrogant blowhard. A real sleaze. Overwhelmed and exhausted, Doc looks to the stars for answers. To his surprise a young nun appears. She tells him that if he wants his wife to fall back in love with him they’ll need to journey to the New Eden. Doc knows his wife won’t come along willingly, but she’ll come charging after him when she discovers he and their runaway teenage daughter have stolen a plane owned by the Mexican Mafia, and their plan is to bust a murderer out of a psychiatric prison so he can guide them to the fabled treasure hidden by Conquistadores and guarded by aliens. Rollicking, literary, hilarious while harrowing, Road to Eden is magical realism at its delicious best. Grip this book with both hands and get ready for a wild ride.