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Roadmanis a novel in the tradition of Carlos Castaneda, Cormac McCarthy, Kerouac, and Burroughs; filled with landscape, antiquity, and legend little narrated outside of the confines of historical or anthropological texts. It portrays the spread of the Native American Peyote Cult and stories of individuals, minorities struggling with war, assimilation, forced displacement, battling to retain dignity, and fundamental rights under overwhelming pressure and coercion to conform, adapt, or die. Set against a bitter-sweet tale of transient love, endurance, and adventure as Kuy, a Kiowa peyote priest, or roadman; crosses western badlands hunting his people´s origins from pre-revolutionary Mexico to Fort Sill Oklahoma, spreading faith and hope to his scattered, isolated, desperate parishioners until a final, fated psychedelic duel with a Comanche witch awaits at the end of his solitary quest. Immaterial as a shimmering mirage or elusive dust devil glimpsed against crowding, storm flecked horizons.


The author's poetic use of language and his vast vocabulary open up the reader's imagination. Eventhough the 19th century/native american vernacular of the main character can, at times, be a mouthful, the reader's effort is rewarded by profound ideas and beautiful descriptions on every page.