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Leigh Court
Rock Star
Leigh Court, author
He’s a rock star with stage fright. She’s a therapist with a dangerous secret… Sebastian Roe was shot onstage during a concert five years ago, sending him into a creative tailspin and leaving him with a deep fear of performing. But his love of music is too strong to keep him off a stage forever, despite the fact the police never caught the gunman. He just needs a little help getting back in front of an audience. Mia Merrill was in the audience the night of Sebastian’s fateful concert. She loves his music and wants to help him overcome his PTSD, but there’s another reason she’s determined to become his therapist: She’s the reason he was shot. Driven by guilt and a need to atone, Mia takes Sebastian on as a patient. Forbidden romantic sparks fly between the two during their therapy sessions, but no sooner do they start to make progress on Sebastian’s stage fright than the gunman announces he’s back to finish the job.

Quarter Finalist

Plot/Idea: 10 out of 10
Originality: 10 out of 10
Prose: 10 out of 10
Character/Execution: 10 out of 10
Overall: 10.00 out of 10


Plot: After an extended hiatus, rock star Sebastian Roe wants to perform again, but his PTSD is paralyzing him. Enter psychotherapist Mia Merrill, who as it happens, was in the audience that fateful night when he was shot. Despite, or because of, her misgivings and her guilt, Mia agrees to treat Sebastian, but the attraction between her and her gorgeous, sexy client is undeniable and overwhelming. The plot unfolds as expected with Mia’s assorted interludes with her other patients acting as counterpoints to her relationship with Sebastian. The plot twist at the end adds unexpected tension to the final chapters.

Prose/Style: Short, to the point sentences and an accessible vocabulary make this a fast-paced easy read for a lazy weekend or a day at the beach.

Originality: Court brings authentic experience to this novel through her marriage to her music industry husband, which has permitted her to be backstage during more than a dozen rock tours. Additionally, the plot of Rock Star is uniquely clever in that just when it is clear most of the obvious issues will be resolved, Court presents us with a new twist.

Character Development/Execution: Mia’s unprofessional behavior is a little unnerving, as is her psycho-babble version of therapy with her other clients, and her decision to get involved with Sebastian – but it is a romance after all. It is Sebastian who must reinvent himself in order to resume his career, and he must forgive Mia for her deception. His journey is both challenging and believable.

Date Submitted: August 05, 2021