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Stephanie Barko
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Rocket's Red Glare: A WW II Era Alternate History Novel
Cy Stein, author

- a heart-pounding political satire that eerily parallels Washington, DC today

Rocket’s Red Glare is an alternative history novel set in New York City, 1941. FDR is dead and the US is fascist. Charles Lindbergh is president and Joseph P. Kennedy is Treasury Secretary. Fred Trump is Mayor of New York. Oligarchs and plutocrats have the presidential ear. German American Bundists are rioting while police look away. As WW II officially begins, the British are defeated.

FBI agent Jack Kennedy begins to suspect the Holocaust about the same time he discovers that Lindbergh has a second family in Germany.

Work on the bomb begins as a romance deepens between a mobster’s daughter and a scientist at Los Alamos. The mob and America’s top scientists form The Resistance, working under a mysterious leader whose identity is revealed in the last chapter.

Jewish Journal

A page-turning thriller--a mind-bending excursion casts a satirical light on the world we live in today. Stein writes with the mastery of bestselling storytellers like Ken Follett and Stephen King, and yet, is inventive with unique gifts of his own. Here's a must-read for anyone who wonders about the "what if's" of American history, and even more crucially, what is happening now.