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Rose Young
Roses, Wine & Murder - In the City of Steeples
Rose Young, author

Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Publish)

Readers' Favorite 5 Star Seal
Available on Kindle $2.99 Print $15.95
Roses, Wine & Murder - In the City of Steeples 

Vineyards, gardens, fine wine and food pairings delight...yet in this case, death disturbs all tranquility! 
Join Roxanne, a sweet and sensible gardening expert, and Georgi, a flamboyant wine aficionado, as they try to survive the malevolence that snakes through the City of Steeples. This endearing duo realizes they are being targeted after Georgi's boss, a wealthy wine connoisseur, is found dead. 
New London's steadfast Detective Morrison, juggles multiple suspects and a sophisticated Long Island widow as a deadly game of blackmail ensues. The fiasco resumes under the control of a deliberate attacker just as the President is to arrive at the Coast Guard Academy in New London. Roses, Wine & Murder is a thrilling madcap adventure laced with New England history and Coast Guard action all on the shores of Long Island Sound.

Roses, Wine & Murder - In the City of Steeples


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Readers' Favorites

"The story combines aspects from different genres -- thriller, historical, mystery, and crime fiction -- and pulls the reader into an intriguing world...  Roses, Wine & Murder: In the City of Steeples has a beautiful setting, a gripping plot, and readers can't resist the wonderful pacing. It's one of the most entertaining books I have read in this genre this year.""Congratulations on your 5-star review!" Readers' Favorite  Reviewer, Arya Fomonyuy 

Readers' Favorites

" There's a sharp wit and humor in Young's writing that will charm you... funny and compelling... a complex mystery... a peek inside the world of plants and wine." "5 Stars"
                                                     Reviewer Liz Konkel                         

Readers' Favorites

...a perfect blend of mystery and murder in the hands of a master storyteller... an exciting read, intelligently plotted." 
                                  "5 Stars" Divine Zape - Reviewer


Readers' Favorites

"Roses, Wine & Murder - In the City of Steeples has a little of everything for readers; New England vineyards, gardening, mystery, intrigue, friendship, crazy escapades, and is truly a book worth reading."  "5 Stars" Trudi LoPreto - Reviewer

Terrie Scott, Editor

"Rarely does a manuscript cross my desk that is as entertaining and intriguing... brilliantly woven canvas upon which Rose tells her story has it all from pirates to poisonous plants! I employ all of you to curl up on your couch with a warm cup of tea or glass of wine, clear your mind and escape into Roses, Wine & Murder."          
                                       Terrie Scott, Editor and Author of Shattered Rose

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