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Carol Fogel
Rosie Sees the Light, A Novel
Carol Fogel, author
Desperate for one last great adventure, 73-year-old ROSIE packs her new floral bathing suit, stuffs her bra with money, and a bus for her birthplace--Mexico. Her son ALEX reports her missing, and the Los Angeles police find grim evidence of her death. Alex grieves...until months lager, when a shocking letter arrives. Postmark: Baja Sur, Mexico. She is well. She is happy. She will write again. Alex hires CAP, a private investigator, and the pair follow her trail deep into Mexico--determined to find her before her demise becomes a reality.
Mary Rakow, Ph.D., author of This is Why I Came

"Rosie is a very memorable character! I think she is going to make many new friends!"