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Suse Wilcox, author

Children/Young Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Market)

Logan wanted a pet dog more than anything. He was certain this was the year his wish would come true. Not only did he not get a dog, he got the worst pet imaginable, a dwarf rabbit. His older brother laughs hysterically when Logan opens his birthday gift. In an unusual turn of events, both Logan and his brother grow to love Rubiks as this special pet teaches them about the importance of brotherhood and helps them escape from their nefarious neighbors.
D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

It's Logan's tenth birthday; a day he will surely celebrate with the gift of
something he's wanted for three years: a dog. Unfortunately, fate and his
elders deem otherwise, and instead of a dog, he gets something very
different: a dwarf rabbit. His disappointment is crushing, because all his
expectations of having a dog so it can serve as both playmate and protector
are crushed by the presence of a caged, "regifted" bunny who can be neither.

Logan and the reader are in for many surprises as Rubiks grows on him and
comes to represent something larger in his life in this powerful story of a
ten-year-old who is disappointed with his birthday gift.

A good amount of rabbit information, from behavior to care, hops into this
fun story of how the little bunny grows on Logan despite his initial efforts
to reject it. And as time goes on and his brother and the kids at school are
less interested in teasing him over his new pet, Logan comes to find Rubiks
a surprising plus in his life; especially when a mystery evolves that can
only be solved with the bunny's help. It turns out that Rubiks has some
unexpected talents in this direction, and as Logan becomes involved in
something beyond his abilities to solve, it's up to Rubiks to pull him into
the kind of adventure he never thought he could experience with a rabbit.

Unique, amusing, and refreshingly realistic in its portrait of family and
friendships, the first book of Rubiks: The Rabbit Mysteries is a fun leisure
read highly recommended for any advanced elementary to middle grader reader
who enjoys pets, mysteries, and a dose of fantasy added into the mix.