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Kindle Edition eBooks Details
  • 03/2016
  • 978-1985315501 B01DQ74GWQ
  • 669 pages
  • $0.99
A.K. DuBoff
Rumors of War (Cadicle Vol. 1 - 3): An Epic Space Opera Series
A.K. DuBoff, author

Adult; Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror; (Market)

A secret war. An empire in crisis. One final hope for victory.

Wil Sietinen is torn between two worlds. As a High Dynasty heir and the Tararian Selective Service's most promising telekinetic Agent trainee, Wil is expected to be nothing short of exceptional in every way—even though the weight of responsibility is slowly crushing him.

When Wil is captured by the Bakzen, a mysterious race skilled in advanced telekinesis, he learns he is the prophesied Cadicle. Foretold to have powerful abilities unlike any other, he can help end a secret war waging within a hidden dimensional rift, and time is running out.

However, as the dire nature of the war and the truth about his own abilities begins to unfold, Wil realizes that he and his parents are at the center of a generations-old galactic conspiracy. Enemies are not as they seem, and the future of the entire Taran Empire hangs in the balance.

Wil holds the key to victory, but saving his people may come at the ultimate price.

This timeless space opera epic with adventure, telekinetic abilities, coming-of-age, romance, and intrigue will appeal to fans of Star Wars, Anne McCaffrey, Frank Herbert's Dune, and the Lensman series by E.E. "Doc" Smith. Join three generations of the Sietinen family as they challenge destiny to win a war and lead a revolution that will change the course of an empire.

Rumors of War contains the first three volumes in the Cadicle space opera series:

  • Volume 1: Architects of Destiny
  • Volume 2: Veil of Reality 
  • Volume 3: Bonds of Resolve
This omnibus collects the first three volumes of DuBoff’s enjoyable, galaxy-spanning epic series (currently at six installments, with no end in sight). Appealing characters and detailed worldbuilding draw the reader into a tale of politics, sabotage, kidnapping, telekinesis, and clones. The million-year-old Taran civilization has established colonies throughout the galaxy. The Priesthood of the Cadicle controls the six High Dynasties, which in turn own the major corporations. Cristoph Sietinen, heir to the Third Region, escapes his palace to join the Tararian Selective Service, which teaches him to use his extraordinary telekinetic ability, a skill the priesthood vilifies. Cris learns that TSS Commander Banks is in collusion with the priesthood, whose multigeneration breeding program to produce the Cadicle, the most powerful telepath, is realized in Cris’s son, Wil. Wil is so powerful he is being groomed to singlehandedly defeat the barbarous Bakzen, a clone race that has been at war with the Tarans for hundreds of years. Fearful of the priesthood’s power, Cris and Wil vow to end it. Drawing on classic science fiction themes from Dune, Ender’s Game, and Firefly, DuBoff weaves together sympathetic characters, an intriguing plot, devious villains, exciting space adventure, and hopes pinned on a chosen savior. (BookLife)
A. C. Hadfield, bestselling author

"DuBoff is a bright new name in science fiction with wide scope and characters you truly care about."

Kiki's Indie Reviews and Rants

★★★★★ "I LOVE THIS series wow all I can say is wow.... This series delivers all the elements of an awesome novel."

M. D. Cooper, author of the bestselling Intrepid Saga series

★★★★★ "As an avid reader of authors like Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Moon, I especially enjoyed this book. It reminded me of the careful way they would build characters and make me really care about them, and their goals--even when no life or death action was occurring. I'm reading the entire series and loving it."

Tom Johnson, author of "Worlds of Tomorrow"

★★★★★ "Science fiction at its best."

Audiobook from Podium Publishing coming in March 2017

Podium Publishing has acquired the rights to turn the Cadicle series into audiobooks. 

Production on an omnibus of Volumes 1 - 3 is underway. Josh Bloomberg has been cast as the narrator. The omnibus is set to release in March 2017 with subsequent volumes coming in the subsequent months.

The Cadicle Series is being adapted for TV

Filmmakers James Fox and Darrell Gabonia have partnered with Nebula-nominated author A.K. DuBoff to develop a television adaptation of the Cadicle space opera book series. The project is still in the early stages of development and is currently looking for a showrunner.  

Kindle Edition eBooks Details
  • 03/2016
  • 978-1985315501 B01DQ74GWQ
  • 669 pages
  • $0.99