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Dr Robert Evans III
Run to the Pain
In Run towards the Pain, Dr. Evans shows you how you prolong your healing by running away from your pain. For those of you who have “conditioned” yourself to manage pain by ignoring it with the hopes that time will heal it, please don’t be shocked to learn that you have only given that pain permission to operate in your life using unanticipated methods. Dr. E. exposes the tricks pain will use to control you! Learn how to “recondition” your maladaptive approach to pain management and begin to use the trauma and hardship of your life as motivation for change, building blocks of resiliency and opportunities to become a new and improved version of yourself. Dr. E. will give you the cheat codes to manage the “waves of adversity” that you will surely face.
In this rousing yet practical debut, psychotherapist Evans shares hard-won wisdom from both his own life and more than two decades as a therapist. His chief insight: rather than running away from pain, it’s absolutely crucial to move through it and embrace the challenging lessons that it offers. He frames adversity as an opportunity to learn one’s specialized talents and skills, and he urges a paradigm shift for those who have been trained to believe that problems derail progress to ultimate happiness. Instead, he counsels readers that developing resiliency is impossible without failure. He smartly advises readers to allow themselves to release negative feelings, to identify lessons learned and what can and what cannot be changed, and, through reflection and documentation, to pay “meticulous attention to every experience that causes you to feel emotional distress” while still continuing to move forward.

Evans’s guide is structured with valuable formulae, or “evidence-based equations,” for readers to practice early and often on their path to resolving pain, such as “Self-Awareness + Desire = Intentionality” and “Humility + Motivation + Resiliency = Defeat of Adversity.” “If your behavior is not the best illustration of who you would like to be, your first step is to become Self Aware,” he writes, and Run to the Pain offers concrete steps to practice thought replacement, banish that harsh inner critic so many of us hear, and deal with painful situations in a realistic, productive fashion. He sensibly admonishes readers that “by failing to forgive, you are sponsoring your self-destruction.”

Though occasional incorrect words and grammar missteps distract, Evans packs a great deal of wisdom and useful advice into this slim tome, with kind yet firm guidance on how to persevere and move forward in the face of adversity. This common-sense guide to powering through pain will hand readers a valuable roadmap for personal growth.

Takeaway: This guide to moving forward, through pain and adversity, offers clear-eyed wisdom and practical steps.

Great for fans of: Eric H. Mennell’s Relentless and Unbeatable, Eileen Lenson’s Overcoming Adversity.

Production grades
Cover: B+
Design and typography: A
Illustrations: N/A
Editing: B
Marketing copy: B+