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Running From Hippos
BD Timmins, author
Running From Hippos: A Memoir of Trauma and Depression by BD Timmins is a moving, powerful autobiography about surviving the darkness of trauma. Starting with the early days, the author takes you back to the beginning of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, onward through the turmoil of depression, self-harm, and suicidal ideations, then into the light of triumph. It wasn't an easy journey, but if you've been there or know someone who has, you will relate on a personal level. If you feel alone in your suffering or feel that the ghosts of abuse are still haunting you as an adult, you will get empathy and advice that will help you and touch you.

A brutally honest and brave story from someone i respect immensly. Very thought provoking but engaging and entertaining as much as being emotionally tough. Also a great insight into the journey of a truly gifted woman. Absolute must read.