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Rylan and Burt
Rylan is a typical three year old boy who lives in Alaska. He loves to play cars ride his scooter, and jump on the trampoline--without his two sisters. A baby and a six-year-old, both girls are not much fun for Rylan. Rylan wishes he had a friend. One day, someone came into Rylan's backyard. Who might it be? Do you think he will become Rylan's friend.
Newsletter of the Times Old-Timers Society Vol. 17 No. 11 – November 2014--The

Christy Wrenn has joined the list of local authors, writing and illustrating a children’s book, Rylan and Burt. It’s available on Amazon. How did it happen?

            “About three years ago, I decided that my right brain needed some creative stimulation. I read Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain and Drawing for Dummies cover to cover. Soon I began to draw things that were going on with my three grandchildren, who then lived in Alaska. I combined lots of photos, situations around their house and neighborhood, and my first book, Rylan and Burt was born. It’s written and illustrated from 3-year-old Rylan’s perspective.”

Plot summary: Rylan’s two sisters – a baby and a 6-year-old – do not play with him. He plays all by himself, jumping on his trampoline until he gets tired. He really wishes he had a friend. One day, someone came into Rylan’s backyard. It is none other than Burt the Bear.

Christy, former librarian at The Times Newspaper Library, is director of library services at the Magale Library at Centenary College.

November 2014--News from the PROVOST of Centenary College of Louisiana

MsChristy Wrenn, the Director of Library Services at Magale Library, has authored a children’s book, Rylan and Burt, published this past September. After hearingabout her daughter Emelia’s tales of living on Elmendorf, AFB in Anchorage Alaska, Christy created stories about her middle grandchild, Rylan, jumping on his trampoline, seeing a mother bear and cubs in the park, playing with his favorite cars, and other games.  Christy wrote the story and drew the pictures in crayon as if Rylan himself had done it.

Rylan and Burt can be ordered on Christy has written and illustrated a sequel, Rylan and Henry, which will be published in October 2015 by Page Publishers. It will be sold in paper and hard cover and in digital format on, Books-a-Million, Google Books, Barns and Noble, Alibris, and in other bookstores and on websites. 

Book interview with WOR710 Radio Station

Christy J Wrenn ‏@cjwrenn

Did a book interview with New York radio station WOR710 or  about my first book Rylan and Burt this morning. #book