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Ewa Anderson
Sābanto - The Copper Briar
Ewa Anderson, author

"Hard work, sacrifice, success": the motto of global government, World United. Business is booming and the economy rebounding as the world continues rebuilding from a long and bloody war.

The wealthier inhabitants reap the results while tens of thousands of poverty-stricken people pay for this success with blood, sweat, tears, and sometimes their lives. The destitute are unable to fight back against the abusive class structure, aggressive media propaganda supporting this new regime, and the paramilitary police force which forcibly removes the poor from their homes. Taken to highly-controlled government relief camps, they lose their freedom but gain resources and stability.

For Violet, Ivy, Cat, and other survivors relocated from the slums of Riverlea by Sābanto, security comes at a high cost. These refugees know the truth behind Sābanto and put themselves at odds with the powerful orchestrators in an attempt to live independent lives. But knowing who they’re up against is only half the battle. When friends and even family turn out to be the enemy, is it possible to overcome betrayal to work towards a common goal? These desperate but innovative survivors might yet prove the downfall of a corrupt system—if they don't destroy themselves or each other first.