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Amber Dobkins
Sacred Legacy, Empowered Generational Healing

Adult; Self-Help, Sex & Relationships, Psychology, Philosophy, Fashion; (Market)

Imagine a family that supports each other through the challenges and transitions in life. A family who accepts each other's differences. Sacred Legacy shares how one family consciously created this dynamic. Explore the journey of three generations of women as they transform cycles, wounds, and patterns from their lineage. Zanny, Ulew, and Jewels walk through the five essential steps that helped them find the courage to forge a better way for each of them and their daughters.

Quarter Finalist

Plot/Idea: 9 out of 10
Originality: 9 out of 10
Prose: 8 out of 10
Character/Execution: 9 out of 10
Overall: 8.75 out of 10


Plot/Idea: Dobkins’s idea of making future generations better through acceptance is insightful and engaging. She makes readers understand and realize why some families function in the manner that they do with clear, relatable examples.

Prose: Conversational and easy to read, the authors make good points throughout. Examples are understandable and well-written. Each person has a distinct voice yet clear perspective, and their experience in years rings through for each.

Originality: Allowing the reader to experience positive change through the insight of three different perspectives and generations is a fresh and intelligent approach.

Character/Execution: The five premises of finding and exemplifying one’s true self are woven throughout the story and also highlighted at the end of the book. The family makes a conscious decision to improve the cycle of support and help future generations build stronger offspring.

Date Submitted: January 31, 2023


“Change is everywhere; nothing stays the same. Some changes are like the ebb and flow of the tide. Just as the ocean rises and falls, the patterns of our lives come in and out of focus. Yet, consciously choosing to do things differently, to change generational patterns woven into our very being, is a tall order.”
—Sacred Legacy: Empowered Generational Healing

This volume details the experiences three generations of women have had on the path to forgiving, releasing and renewing their relationship to family, to belonging, and to the sacred web of life itself. They each offer up some nuggets of wisdom from the journey, as well as an appendix with an array of navigational tools for making change and working through your own generational healing.

The three distinct voices and life experiences which are skillfully woven together in Sacred Legacy: Empowered Generational Healing reminds me of how incredibly distinct and unique family members truly are—especially if they undertake the adventure of self-discovery—even amidst so many threads of ancestral and familial similarity. The messages around cultivating awareness, boundaries, perspective, authenticity and acceptance shared by Zanny, Ulew and Jewels simply underscore the fact that true belonging isn’t predicated on simple imitation or trying to “fit in.” Belonging is an inside job. And while we can still be rejected by our birth family or by our chosen family as we develop and evolve and discover ourselves, the pain of self-rejection often proves a greater generator of suffering that no one else can remove, improve or live out for us.

I really appreciated the candor of each generation confessing in her own way that it is all a work in progress, a path to be walked. It really is tall order to overcome ancestral inertia and consciously choose to do things differently! As Ram Dass is quoted in Sacred Legacy: “If you think you are enlightened, go spend a week with your family.” He’s getting at the often exasperating truth that our family will bring any notions of transcending our ordinary human foibles right back down to Earth—smack!

Going along with this (tragic?) sense of humor in the divine, we could also then see our family as fantastic allies in becoming better people, if not simply in coming to terms with the human condition. Though having said that, I can personally relate to the fact that sometimes we have to do some generational healing on our own, and stay away from unsafe family members. Sometimes serious transgressions do occur in families. But as Zanny (Angela Billings) helpfully points out, using a symbolic lens to process fully through difficult experiences and relationships allows for greater perspective and frees us from limiting beliefs, so that we can take grasp of our own ability to respond to life. Instead of being (only) a victim of family patterns and behaviors, we could in fact find more agency in our lives, and foster wellness and resilience not only in ourselves, but in past and future generations and in our communities. Sacred Legacy offers some great tools and some great storytelling to help us find our way.

The courage and the compassion—and the striving to keep moving in a good direction rather than insisting on impossible perfection—expressed in Sacred Legacy encourages me to stick with the very rewarding work of generational healing, and has given me a few powerful tools and perspectives to consider.


Both a memoir and a self help book in one, the keen observations shifted things into perspective I thought I already knew. It has brought things home into a more complete picture and added new tools and bits of wisdom as well.

Do not discount the appendix! Read until the end because some of the most valuable tools and information are in there. There were many moments when I wished I had a highlighter with me!

In the conversations I’ve had since reading this book, my mind constantly connects it to our discussions, and I’m blown away by just how true and relevant it is. You are going to want your own copy so that you can refer back to it as often as you need, and you’ll be wanting your friends to read it.


What a lovely, engaging and magickal ride! This is a book written by three women who each - together and apart - learned to heal themselves of their generational wounds, and break the cycle. Told in total openness and honesty by the grandmother, the mother and the daughter, it takes you on their magickal paths of transformation and healing. Lit by laughter, watered by tears, chased by the fears we all know, and inspired all the way by love. It offers tools at the end to engage in your own healing journey, and would make the most awesome ever holiday gift for the spiritually-motivated women in your life! It also represents the birth of their publishing company, Mystic Meadows, which invites you to engage their guidance and wisdom in the journey of finding your own healing through writing your own story, which they will help you publish! But wait, there's more! I found this book because one of the authors (Angela Billings, her website is in the book) also offers dream work, individually and in groups, which I have attended - which offers its own special and amazing healing, guided and nurtured by Angela's wisdom, intuition, and empathy. This book really is a treasure. Your own transformation beckons...


Sacred Legacy: Empowered Generational Healing is a gift for ourselves and our families, past, present and future.

Three generations of women came together to honestly tell their stories, their trials, tribulations and healing. They impart nuggets of wisdom and wonders of the power of love, patience, perseverance, letting go, and trust.

Every page held my attention and left me pondering the experiences, truths and skills they shared. Read this with your will want to return often to their little gems that make tremendous differences in our lives.

Sacred Legacy is an extremely important book for raising children in communities of strict rules or expectations. The teen years are difficult for kids to navigate and I think this book gives parents an understanding of how to approach and be honest with their kids - lots of what not to do and what to do and when to step back and let them take over.

Most impressive are the themes of awareness, boundaries, perspectives, authenticity and acceptance. These are spread throughout the book, interwoven within their personal and collective stories. As an added special, they include the how-to process for these in the appendix.

Sacred Legacy is a wonderful read, you'll want to return to often to support your life process and that of your family.


A beautiful example of the potential of generational healing!

A beautiful example of the potential of generational healing! This book is infused with deeper wisdom, but in a subtle enough manner that I feel like I could give it to my own mother and potentially have it well received. It inspires hope for a more tolerant and loving future.


A wealth of healing and tools for legacy

Sacred Legacy is the most gorgeous multi-generational collaboration offering tools for healing and balanced perspective. I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to the book on Audible and hearing the voices of the authors. They are vulnerable and inspirational!!


fun way to show you life tips . for overall happen

cute and funny way to to show you it's the little things in life that can make a big difference. it was a great read !!!! alot I can take away from it .


A message of hope for families.

A beautiful story of healing within three generations read by the authors in the most powerful way. 

I loved how their stories intertwined as well as their personal transformations. This book is a sacred legacy indeed!