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LeCain Smith
Author, Illustrator
Sailing South 'til the Butter Melts
LeCain Smith, author
Most cats don’t dream about sailing around the world. Neither did Chowder. But in the 1990’s, she somewhat reluctantly joined her caregivers, Captain Lee and mate Sheila, on a voyage that lasted six years, covering over 45,000 miles while visiting foreign lands and remote paradise islands. \tIn this first of three books based on her true life sea adventure, Chowder reveals how she left her home on land and got her sea legs onboard a forty-three foot sailboat that Lee had built. While they sail down the west coast of the Americas to the enchanted islands of the Galapagos, she shares how she handles each experience and adapts to the variety of situations that occur during her first two years at sea. Her apprehension turns into a sense of curiosity and wonder as she is transformed into a global sea cat by the challenges of rolling seas, lightning, storms, sharks, wild jungle animals, and the dangers of pirates. Yet, she also purrs about the pleasure of eating fresh fish, playing with birds, listening to singing parrots, watching dancing dolphins or spouting whales, and being with friendly folks from many cultures. She loves to give the readers the inside scoop on life aboard a cruising yacht. Come sail away with her!