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Samuel Orzabal and the Buried House
Paul Wills, author

Middle Grade; Mystery/Thriller; (Market)

Sam and his two close friends and cousin come across an old article documenting a long-forgotten house in the woods near his neighborhood. This old house was long-rumored to contained an abundance of treasure - which led to a group of three kids to go searching to find it. Inevitably, they were were never heard from again. That was almost a hundred years ago. Now, it's Sam and his friends turn to seek out the mysterious 'Shadow House' and find out what happened to those kids as well as take claim to the treasure. But there's a reason why this house had been left to decay in the forest so long ago, and what Sam and his friends discover is more sinister than they could ever imagine.

hard to put down. read through without stopping. surprising and unexpected twists. drawing and artwork are a cool bonus


This was a great and imaginative story for both kids and adult readers. The artwork is great and makes the story come alive. I have read all of this author's books and I highly recommend them. Each book that he writes is even better than the previous. I highly recommend this book and this author!