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Sue Rovens
Sue Rovens, author
The floating dog. The scrawled messages. The corpse-like hands reaching into the world of the living. When minor issues for homeowners Ronnie and Emily take a sudden left turn into the world of the weird, they look first to their handyman and then to their real estate agent for answers. Ed Thackery, newly appointed agent representing Cain Mill Homes, attempts to help but it soon becomes apparent that neither Ed nor his clients are aware of the horrors that have already infiltrated their small town. Ed’s boss, Ellie, provides only convoluted and mysterious answers, while his wife’s growing resentment regarding his clients’ sexual orientation adds to his list of uphill battles. With time running out, Ed finds himself scrambling in desperation as he fights for his clients’ lives as well as his own. Winning will prove costly, but if he loses,the fate of humanity could be at stake.