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Rosa Thomas
Santa's Little Angel

Abby is a little angel that lives at the North Pole. She has always dreamed of becoming a guardian angel. After breaking her wing, she learns she will no longer be able to fly fast enough to be a guardian angel. While taking a walk through the village, she runs into Santa. He tells her not to focus on the things she cannot do, but always seek to find the things she can do. Abby takes Santa's advise, and finds ways to help others at the North Pole, including a few elves, and Mrs. Claus. When Santa has to find a new angel for the top of his Christmas tree, Abby is the perfect choice.

Book pays tribute to Elam friend and neighbor

Rosa Coleman Thomas pays a touching tribute in the dedication of her children’s book “Santa’s Little Angel”: “In memory of my dear aunt Evelyn Maude Moore Coleman, lovingly known as “A Maude,” who always believed a Christmas tree was not complete without an angel on top.”

Evelyn Coleman, a very meticulous lady, had used the same angel for the top of her tree for many years. Then several years ago her angel broke. Rosa gave her one of her tree topper angels. After Evelyn’s death, her brothers were going through her things and found the angel and returned it to Rosa. 

The inspiration for this story of little Abby and her dreams came to mind about three years ago after Evelyn’s death while the family was decorating their Christmas tree.

With the angel on top of the tree, Rosa was placing Santa near the top and she wondered, “How cool would it be to be the angel on Santa’s tree?” The thought stayed in the back of her mind and that spring she began to put her story on paper. 

Little angel Abby, who attends Miss Maude’s School of Guardian Angels, has dreams of becoming such an angel someday. But like all youngsters, she has to test her mother’s cautioning words, “Don’t fly around the house.” As the result of an unfortunate accident, she suffers a broken wing and broken dreams for her future.

After leaving Miss Maude’s school, she follows Santa’s advice and becomes a friend and helper with elves Andy and M.J. and Mrs. Claus. She soon discovers that her dreams had not been big enough.

Rosa pays tribute to her inspirations as she uses her aunt Evelyn Maude Coleman as Miss Maude, her uncle Anderson Coleman, as elf Andy, and her children Megan and Joel as elf M.J. 

Maegan Penley, formerly of Lynchburg, worked closely with Rosa to create the watercolor illustrations for the story. If you know Rosa, you will notice little touches of her life with the fire department, huskies, and children in the background of the illustrations. 

“Santa’s Little Angel,” published by Chestnut Village Press, is available online at Amazon Books or at Farmville Printing just in time for your Christmas shopping.   

Rosa lives in Elam with her husband Darin Thomas and children Megan and Joel.

Right after “Santa’s Little Angel” became available on Amazon and while working with the Prospect Volunteer Fire Department Auxiliary at the Farmville Christmas Show, Rosa excitedly commented, “The response has been overwhelming.”