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Aurora Welkin
Saved Warriors (Intergalactic Enosis: The Pyxis System, #2)

Adult; Romance; (Market)

Abducted? Check.

Caged with female aliens, only wearing my birthday suit? Double-check.

Swoon-worthy male aliens brooding my way? Triple-check.

Oh, God! I’m in trouble.

Kalista Foster is a fighter and a survivor—ready for any challenge that comes her way. That’s what life and serving in the military taught her.

Getting abducted wasn’t high on her list of priorities, and when it happens, escaping becomes the most important thing she’ll ever do. But there’s a problem, or rather, three drop-dead gorgeous problems standing in her way to freedom.

And it seems she’s not the only one in a bind. Her alien saviors need to overcome their own obstacles too, but they claim she’s the key to their survival and demand her surrender.

Given what she’s been through, trust isn’t something she offers freely, but if anyone can change her mind, it just might be them. That is, if they can work together long enough to outwit and outrun outside forces bend on separating the fated mates before they have a chance to establish their bond.