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Annette Meredith
Author, Illustrator
Saving the Bees (ISBN 1502477319)
In this book for children of elementary school age, the author brings the message of the bees with stunning photographs and simple text to explain what the bees do, how they are endangered, and how we can help them. Bee populations worldwide have been declining and many people are not aware of the bees' importance in the ecosystem and how their disappearance would affect our food supply. A section for parents and teachers at the end of the book provides useful information on possible causes of declining bee numbers and steps that can be taken at an individual and local level. This book is part of the "Nature On Our Doorstep" series, designed to inspire children to learn about the world around us.

By Micc C on 8 December, 2014

This is a beautiful book full of stunning photographs and my 5 year old loves the fun facts. The text is nice and clear and great for vocabulary, there are also some nice projects in the back. I have just purchased a couple more as Christmas presents!

By Gale Singer Adland on December 5, 2014

This is a beautiful book. The pictures are colorful and clearly illustrate the text. There is information that even adults will not know. Children will learn about the life cycle of bees, and their environmental importance.

By Joan Pennell on December 11, 2014

The author, Annette Meredith, provides scientific information in a way that is comprehensible to children and captures their imaginations. She accomplishes this through her careful explanations, selection of interesting details, and simple definitions of technical terms and by always offering photographs that bring all this to life. Moreover, her overall message inspires each of us to act on "saving the bees."

By Nancy on 19 December, 2014

It is so beautiful! I love that she has included so much detail, but it doesn't seem overwhelming, yet is not at all dumbed down.