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B.W. Haggart
Saving Time
B.W. Haggart, author
Captain Richard Starke, U.S. Army Rangers, is on assignment in Spain, the result of a disciplinary action. He is pulled back to December 1808 to save a woman from French soldiers intent on rape and murder. How? Because of a family heirloom, an ancient medallion she wears for protection. When Melissa Graham is saved by a strangely dressed man with wonderous weapons, she doesn’t know what to think. Neither does the captain. What she does know is that they must find the British Army. That means a march through bleak mountains in winter, more than 250 miles pursued by the French forces under Napoleon. Her hardest task may be to win the captain’s cooperation, convincing him that it is 1808, and his best chances of getting back to the twenty-first century will be to escort her safely to the British Army and her uncle. Maybe. She isn’t sure how the family talisman works. The greatest risk Melissa and Richard face during the dangerous trek may be their hearts.