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Fiona Jefferies
Say Anything
When your friend gets diagnosed with a serious illness. When your colleague is going through a messy divorce. When your neighbour makes a racist or homophobic remark. There are so many moments in life when you feel stunned, shocked, saddened, or baffled, and simply don’t know what to say. Your mind goes blank and you can’t find the right words. This book is for moments like those. Say Anything is a guide on what to say and how to say it. Organised from A to Z, this book covers Ageing, Body, Commitments, Disasters, all the way to Zealots, providing tips on how to handle hundreds of tricky scenarios. Inside, you’ll find just the right words for all kinds of difficult, sensitive, and awkward conversations. You’ll also find advice on when to say nothing when to listen more than you speak, and what not to say when someone is stressed or grieving (“Oh, you know, everything happens for a reason…”) A helpful and big-hearted book that is sensible, helpful, and strewn with hilarious anecdotes that will have you laughing so hard you spit out your beverage and gasp for air. Author Fiona Jefferies has a rare gift for discussing life’s most painful moments with humour and great humanity. DO read this book if you enjoy learning about communication, boundaries, and how to speak up and handle messy situations with empathy and care. DO NOT read this book if you are deeply offended by curse words, if you are uptight and hate laughter and merriment, or if you have a great fondness for Donald Trump.