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D.S. Quinton
Scars of Redemption: A Supernatural Thriller (The Spirit Hunter Series Book 2)
D.S. Quinton, author
A deadly gift. A terrible choice. Sometimes the price is too high… After Del Larouche defeats the Gris-gris man, she struggles to find her place in the adult world. She just wants a normal life. But her horrible ‘gift’ means her life will never be normal. When six-year-old Clara goes missing from the St. Augustine Orphanage—the third child in two weeks—a frantic search begins and Del agrees to use her gift to help find the girl. As the dark layers of New Orleans are peeled back, a terrible truth is exposed. What she finds lurking in the shadows of the old city is unimaginable. But it’s what the lurking shadows find… that is truly deadly. Scars of Redemption is the chilling second book in The Spirit Hunter supernatural thriller series. If you like atmospheric writing, dangerous adventures, and horrifying twists, then you’ll love this heart-pounding tale.