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Scourge: Triskellion Book One
Some fear the dark. Others embrace it. Rookie detective Angela Benson and her partner, Joe Anderson, have discovered a group of killers targeting the homeless of New York City. Desperate to prove her worth, Angela knows identifying the perpetrators of these heinous crimes is her best shot at earning the right to be called one of the city's finest. As the murders move beyond the homeless, Angela and Joe begin to unravel an ancient mystery, revealing there's more to these killers than meets the eye. Watch as destiny emerges from the shadows to collide with unseen, unspeakable forces, all as the safety of mankind hangs in the balance. SCOURGE is a literary roller coaster that will keep pages turning and lights burning for fans of urban fantasy. If you're ready, leave the mundane behind and enter a world of magic, danger, and adventure unlike anything you've ever experienced. It all starts on page one. The only question is...are you brave enough?