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Search Parameters (A Hackers Novel)
J. R. Rada, author
Chris Alten has adjusted to life in a wheelchair, in large part because of Harvey, a sentient computer program that has become his best friend. Chris, Harvey, and Ashlyn Jacobsen enjoy sharing adventures in cyberspace. However, Chris must also allow the FBI access to Harvey when they have problems that need solving. That is, until Chris feels they are using Harvey to hunt down and kill criminals. When Chris threatens to cut off the FBI’s access to Harvey, the FBI confiscates Chris’s father’s computer equipment and pulls their security detail off the Alten family. This leads to ManPower, the cyberterrorist group that killed Chris’s father, kidnapping Chris’s mother in an effort to get Harvey’s program. Chris has to make a choice as to whether destroying the only sentient computer program in the world is worth his mother’s life. It is a race against time to see if Chris, Ashlyn, and Harvey can locate Chris’s mother before ManPower is able to destroy Harvey.