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Jude Wilde, author
Human trafficking. Fatal secrets. Unspeakable murder. In this thrilling sequel to Prescient: The Knowing, danger returns to Chloe Roussel’s doorstep with a vengeance. Years have passed since the Cullen House murder. The events that took place on the California coast seem nestled safely in the past. But when a horrible accident changes the course of her future and threatens everything she’s worked so hard to build, Chloe is once again forced to play detective in a frantic hunt to find the person responsible. Her desperate need for answers takes her across the country and overseas to Europe where, even so far from home, she comes face to face with a past she would rather have left buried. From a tangle with an international human trafficking syndicate to chilling confrontations with old enemies, Chloe’s search for justice reveals that what she thought was a senseless tragedy is much more complicated than it appears, and in the end the terrible truth might be lurking closer to home than she ever imagined. Jude Wilde’s fast-paced second novel tells the story of a woman coming to terms with love and loss through an impressively-woven murder mystery that is sure to have readers hanging on the edge of their seats from chapter one. Excerpt: The lake, of course, had its own essence. Contradictory at times, one sensed the fresh breath of living waters and the cold muskiness of mortality. While fragrant white water lilies floated in their glory, a malodorous dead fish would wash ashore to become a raccoon’s dinner. The ducks flew in on a sweet April breeze and raised their young, who would become hunters’ prey in November when acrid gun smoke peppered my nostrils. My long association of memory with scent must have developed because of the myriad of aromas that haunted my childhood. In those memories were lessons. Here, as a child, I learned about life and I learned about death: I had yet to learn about secrets and evil. And now that I have, other’s secrets have become my secrets—some of which I will carry to my grave.
Wilde’s gripping second mystery featuring former TV reporter Chloe Roussel (after 2018’s Prescient: The Knowing) takes Chloe and her husband, Alex, an internationally renowned jazz musician, to Lake Tahoe, where they are celebrating the birth of twin grandsons to their son, Luke. But Chloe’s joy soon turns to overwhelming grief when Alex is mortally wounded by an unknown shooter who may have been aiming at Chloe. Just before the weapon was fired, Chloe stumbled while taking photos of the lake from the patio of the cottage where they were staying. The resilient Chloe resolves to track down those responsible for Alex’s death, even as she deals with ongoing tensions with Alex’s thuggish brother, Jean-Luc, who has his own ideas of what the funeral should be. Film from her camera—which disappeared after the shooting but later resurfaces—turns out to contain images that may implicate a trusted member of her family in the attack. Plot twists and fast pacing enhance Wilde’s solid characterizations. (BookLife)