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Clifford Huffman
See Naples and Die
Andrea Tonty, author
Angela Palmer returns to Naples with her cousin Nick Robinson seven years after her husband Gregory fell to his death. After prolonged grief, at last she hopes she can accept the past and also rejoin her Neapolitan family that is ready to welcome her with open arms. Angela is an academic specializing in the history of ballet, and, working with Nick, a retired professor, she hopes at last to move forward on projects that were stalled in the aftermath of Gregory’s death. Once in Naples, unexpected discoveries give them both new challenges, Nick to complete a book Gregory began, and Angela to find lost materials he discovered and which, if found, will be career-changing. As the two begin their investigations travelling around in Naples, it becomes clear they are not alone. Competition from two rival academics threatens to block them. One final discovery has to be made, but Angela cannot do it alone. A dramatic final visit to the Isle of Capri, to the exact spot where Gregory fell to his death, reveals how the competition is linked to his death, and shows Angela how he died, and why he had to die. In the dramatic conclusion, Angela finds what Gregory has bequeathed her. At last she is able to bring together her Naples family, Nick, and the work that will rewrite the history of ballet and make her famous.