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Seeds of Change
MADELINE RICHARDS, a high flying marketing manager questions her career path, after she is reunited with her past passion of gardening. She is bequeathed, by her beloved grandfather, the unusual gift of an allotment plot which offers her an alternative lifestyle and future. In contrast, her brother, JAMES, is left a substantial financial trust which causes her to question the imbalance and meaning behind the gestures. She battles her dominating mother FIONA and unpleasant and scheming peers; uncovering lies and deceit from both. She establishes new friendships and love, rejecting her misogynistic work colleague DOMINIC EATON for the garden designer TOM SQUIRES. Two events, from both sides of her life, collide on the same day. She must choose whether to step in and lead the Harvest charity event (left in jeopardy when Tom’s mother, ESTHER SQUIRES, has a heart attack) or join Dominic in a bid to secure an impressive marketing contract which would catapult her existing career. She decides which path to take and takes a leap of faith into Tom’s world and leaves her corporate life behind to start her own business.