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Barry Dr. Nadel
Author, Service Provider
Seeking the Light of Justice
Professor Yoshua Rosenberg's team of archeologists are investigating the widespread stories of the Light of Justice. Through the discovery of an unknown book, he has his first solid lead about the Light of Justice. Unknown to them they have caught the attention of Vatican security. The discovery leads them to Southern Spain, the horrors of the Inquisition and prison. Medium Synopsis: The legends of the Light of Justice appear across numerous cultures and time frames. Professor Yoshua Rosenberg and his team of archeologists are hot on the trail of the identity of the Light of Justice. The discovers in Italy, a 500 year old book binding containing the cover page of the Hoshiyan Chronicles. On the cover page next to the author’s name is, Aharon Dori, servant of the Light of Justice. Vatican security picks up the internet posting of the cover page. In a well-hidden vault in the bowels of the Vatican, the Pope finds an ancient papal directive to destroy all copies of Chronicles. There is a conspiracy of silence around Yoshua, for he is the hope to fulfill the ancient prophecy of the great Hoshiyan prophet Elisha Arieli. For only by freedom of choice can Yoshua fulfill the prophecy. The cover page leads the Israeli scientists to southern Spain where they discover the horrors of the Spanish Inquisition. Upon breaking into a sealed room they find 46 mummified bodies suffocated. Among the dead are two men, father and son clutching 8 books. Falsely arrested for terrorism, Yoshua and two members of his team languish away in solitary confinement in a Spanish prison.