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Otis Anderson
Semester, Year, or Summer Abroad?
Suggestions for Choosing the Right Time to Study Overseas The length of time and season to study abroad is determined by a combination of academics, the destination country, and most importantly personal preference. Once a university student makes the decision to study abroad, the next step in the process is to find a program that suits his or her interests. But when choosing that program, the time of year and length of program are crucial factors to think about. College major, country, individual preference, and other practical considerations determine the ideal time period for living in another country as a student. The Role of the College Major in Studying Abroad Some majors have a strict, structured curriculum. Is there a required course only offered in, for instance, the fall semester? If so, spring would be a better option. Or, for those students whose area of study requires extensive, mostly on-campus research (science and/or premed students in particular often face this dilemma), summer may be a more viable option if the academic program will not allow for much flexibility during the school year.