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Alan Clegg
Serendipity and Craic
Alan Clegg, author
What a colourful life the author of these poems has led and it certainly shows in his various works. I love that they are not all of the same cloth from a subject and mood perspective. From the seriousness of What land is this I gaze upon? with its uplifting, almost spiritual words which build up the scene so masterfully to the tongue-in-cheek humour of Gary the Grasshopper, - the Matatu and -the Auldest Swinger in Town, the diversity is fabulous. As whole I found the poetry extremely clever and often wickedly and tremendously witty. Whether detailed or brief, each poem successfully tells a story, which to carry the reader along with the intended mood of the author. Being South African, I laughed so hard and was so thoroughly entertained by the Matatu as it so accurately describes a minibus taxi as if in fact it could feel. I chuckled further at - the Auldest Swinger in Town, which was the perfect marriage of humour, poetry and superb storytelling. Monkey on a Rope was also brilliantly clever (and educational) and I particularly loved the ending which tied in so beautifully and gives a thought-provoking touch. I do believe the poet has a way with words that is superbly entertaining. I thoroughly enjoyed his work.