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Seven Simple Steps Of Finding A Mate God's Way

Gregory Backmon Encourages Singles to Trust the Perfect Matchmaker to Find 'the One', in this New Book, Seven Simple Steps of Finding a Mate God's Way For many singles, finding true love is more about feeling than fact. But for Christian singles, finding the right one is more about following God and His Word. The world is full of dating schemes, catchy phrases, and 'sex sells everything' themes to grab our attention. When it comes to dating for the Christian, God must be front and center, and one's heart must be tuned in to Him and His Word before tuning in to someone else. In this new, life-changing book, Gregory Backmon shows readers the importance of allowing God to lead the dating process, and allowing Him to show them who He wants them to marry. In the pages of Seven Simple Steps of Finding a Mate God’s Way, Backmon challenges readers to take a stand against the culture and the lies of the enemy, and proves that one can date while living holy before God and standing on the promises of His Holy Word. Author Gregory Backmon writes,"In order for the relationship to work and be successful, both parties must recognize the importance of their relationship with God and His Word first. This book teaches how to have a fulfilling, meaningful and satisfying relationship that will glorify God and show it is possible for Christians to date without having sex before marriage.'' 

This book offers practical advice and wisdom to Christians singles and will encourage readers to:

·         Date with the purpose of finding the man or woman God has created especially for you.

·         Be inspired to maintain a pure relationship.

·         Warn Christian singles of the danger in following worldly advice on dating and relationship.

·         Prompts self-examination, discipline, and concentration on being the one, not just finding the one.            

Critics praise the author for the diligent attempts he is taking to change the lives of millions of people. With the book’s popularity and demand increasing, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.