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Severed Relations
Murder behind the gates of Fremont Place was unusual; two children and a nanny slaughtered in the home of a rich young lawyer and his beautiful wife was unheard of. Shunned cop, Detective Finn O'Brien, and his partner, Cori Anderson, must connect the dots between the L.A. ladies-who-lunch, lawyers who skate on the edge of the law, pornographers, and Hollywood freaks. Following a trail of bodies and shattered relationships, they uncover a horrific truth behind the murders that will either bind them together for eternity or severe their relationship in the cruelest cut of all.

What a fine adventure! Filled with deeply drawn characters, compelling plotlines, and surprising twists, Severed Relations sets up what should be an engrossing series for Forster. Whatever roads lie ahead for Finn O'Brien, may the wind be at his back and the sun shine softly on his shoulder. 5 stars