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Conor McIvor
Shadows of the Sun
Conor McIvor, author
Enjoy a new character driven fantasy series. Jump into the world of Saros and follow our heroes as they uncover who they really are. Meet new characters, uncover mysteries, delve into forgotten ruins that hide terrible secrets. Scour the lost wasteland of a once beautiful city upon the waves, and embark on a journey to save their kingdom from a tyrannical Empire and unravel the primeval magic of an ancient, lost race. Goblin hordes, powerful mages, vicious wildlife, ancient automata and a merciless Empire all vying to destroy our heroes as they war for their home. Journey with them to Saros as they fight to reclaim a kingdom lost decades ago What does family mean to you? Lux, a simple hunter to a simple town, is about to be thrust into a world he barely knew existed. After his father mysteriously disappeared and a devastating attack on his village, he escapes alongside his childhood friend Sci. Soon after being betrayed by the Empire they belonged to, the two are saved by a warrior known as Eleanor and her strange erratic red eyed sister known as Dusk. The two take them in and open their eyes to tyranny of the Empire and the ancient war that besieges the grand angelic city of Solaris. Lux, drawn into this world strives to be a part of this new family, while Sci’s trust in Eleanor and those around her only lessen as she becomes obsessed with her father’s memory and swears she will do anything to find the truth of a man who was not as he said. Eleanor and Dusk, alongside a gunslinger Kotaro and an old mage Pascal, will test the two, making sure they truly have what it means to become champions of Solaris. Meanwhile, an old evil will rise. Intent to finish what they started and destroy the city and all it contains. It is up to this group, this family, to thwart his plans and seize back their future from the colossal shadow that looms over them… Warning: This media contains sections of violence and gore. It is not intended for younger audiences.