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Eliza M Parr
Shapeshifting and Psychic Possession Gangstalking Secrets of The Master Builders of Illusion
Eliza M Parr, author
This incredible full color large format book affirms the reality of shape shifting, sacred knowledge guarded and kept hidden by the hierachs who have controlled the evolution of worldly illusion since the beginning of civilization. A shocking expose of the inter dimensional aspect of gang stalking/organized harassment and its connection to the Master Builders. Contains the only known genuine footage, in step by step frames, showing the act of human shape shifting-as it occurs. Genuine photographs of shape shifting entities, portals and UFO phenomena, taken covertly by the author, a targeted individual and victim of gang stalking, over three years. * How inter dimensional portals and other non worldly phenomena are camouflaged as ordinary 3D phenomena-in plain sight. * Explains how the gang stalking, sensitization and bizarre St Theater rituals are used to bring these entities through the veil. * Shows how the shape shifted human looking entities are formed-what directs and inhabits them. * What prevents us from seeing the shape shifting. * How the gang stalkers manage to bend the laws of space and time. * Imbibing blood, negative energy and human Chi. * PSI balls: negative electromagnetic energy beings, attached to you for control and surveillance. * Why the shape shifting gang stalkers don't think and act like individuals. Contents Include:- Through the keyhole: a shape shifting neighbor caught on camera. Shape shifting in action (A true witness account with never seen before photographs)