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Sharkie Zartman
Shark Sense

Shark Sense is fun, insightful book about learning to use our instinctive wisdom to supplement logic. Packed with stories, quotes, illustrations, and shark action tips, this book was written to show how shark behaviors can empower us to work toward achieving our dreams and goals. You'll lean about how you can benefit from eighteen key shark attributes, including not asking for permission, being relentless, focusing on one goal at a time, adapting to change, and also how to live ageless, just like the shark. Regardless of whether you are looking for an edge in athletics, in business, or in some other area of your life, it's time to step away from the sidelines and achieve what you want with a little Shark Sense.

Zartman (Win at Aging) looks to nature’s most formidable predator as an inspiration—not just because it’s her namesake, but because of the Chondrichthyes’ instinctive wisdom and powerful focus on goals. This concise guide adapts her no-nonsense approach to life, teaching readers how to activate their “inner shark” by using the same methods that have allowed sharks to survive and thrive for over 400 million years. She looks to the formidable predator as an inspiration, not just because it’s her namesake, but because of that powerful focus that sharks possess, organizing each chapter around a strong trait that a shark uses to take charge of its life—and helping readers determine how to modify their own behaviors to do the same.

Zartman’s approach is holistic, with simple steps to achieving lifelong goals and dreams, and her experiences as a coach shines throughout. Each shark trait includes Zartman’s first-hand experiences, alongside funny anecdotes, clear messaging, cutesy illustrations, short exercises for the reader, and famous quotes related to each category. In “Sharks Are Flexible,” Zartman mirrors a shark’s lack of expectations to the need for humans to be present in the moment, rather than allowing past or future events to hold sway over their current decisions, and she encourages readers to tune into their senses more often to better “deal with a changing world”—using the super senses of a shark as a comparison.

Readers looking to improve concentration or achieve goals more easily will find straightforward advice in Zartman’s writing, along with quick motivation, ways to cope with stress and life’s challenges, and easy-to-follow-advice on adoptng new habits into a daily routine. “Nothing happens in a state of inertia,” she writes, asserting that “most of us know what to do to get what we want.” Zartman argues against playing it safe, urging readers to dive right in and welcome their “inner shark waiting to emerge.”

Takeaway: How to survive, thrive, focus, and set goals like a shark.

Comparable Titles: Deborah Johnson’s Stop Circling, John Belvedere’s The Core of Success.

Production grades
Cover: B
Design and typography: A
Illustrations: B+
Editing: A-
Marketing copy: A-