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Sara Roach-Lewis
She Rules
In She Rules, Sara Roach Lewis rewrites the rules for women in business and is on a mission to help you: - double your revenues - outline a plan to up-level your business - achieve a laser-focus while moving through resistance - rebrand self-care as an important business practice - turn your imposter syndrome into 7-figure confidence With decades of experience as a feminist business strategist, Sara has supported thousands of women to shed society's expectations and create new pathways for success. Now, with She Rules, she is here to help you.
Feminist business coach Roach Lewis’ debut offers readers a pathway to entrepreneurial success that deviates from what she identifies as a patriarchal, militaristic, Sun Tzu-quoting methodology that has dominated the field of business coaching since its inception. This alternate path is built on six “she rules” that offer readers strategies to expand their revenues and engineer a lifestyle for continued personal and professional growth. Citing substantial research and drawing on conversations with other successful women in business and her own career, Roach Lewis posits that “gender equality can solve all of the world’s problems,” and one of the best ways to bring about that equality is by “empower[ing] women to [...] make more money.”

Roach Lewis’ approach isn’t new. Readers will find many of her “she rules” familiar, including No.3 “Be Willing to Adapt and Calibrate,” and No. 4 “Attitude Is Everything.” The value in Roach Lewis’ guide stems from her contextualizing of these ideas into a feminist business framework that positions awareness, inclusivity, and empathy as assets required for a thriving entrepreneur. She declares that “military business strategy doesn’t serve anyone anymore” and that business owners’ time is better used learning how to be vulnerable in their leadership and to create harmony between work and home life through the use of boundaries. Roach Lewis assures readers that by following these rules, they will learn to “relax into their zone of genius” and “embrace all [their] dimensions.”

Roach Lewis does acknowledge her racial and socioeconomic privilege, but there are times when the guide lacks suggestions for people who do not have access to the same resources as Roach Lewis does. Beyond that omission, there is ample material within her rulebook for any entrepreneur, whether they’re in the start-up stage or a seasoned CEO, who wants a fresh, feminist perspective on business growth and the future of entrepreneurship.

Takeaway: A women-centered rule book for entrepreneurs seeking business growth via feminist business strategy.

Great for fans of: Rachel Rodgers’s We Should All Be Millionaires, Brené Brown's Dare to Lead, Kim Scott’s Radical Candor.

Production grades
Cover: B+
Design and typography: A
Illustrations: N/A
Editing: B+
Marketing copy: A