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shielded past
Kate Halsey is a successful manager for an upscale Woman’s Fragrance Company. Kate grew up in Manhattan in the foster care system. Her only friend throughout her lifetime was Annie. Kate marries the man of her dreams and they purchase their first home. The home they both fall in love with is adjacent to the Marlboro Psychiatric Hospital in Marlboro New Jersey. On her first evening in the home Kate sees a light coming from the abandoned hospital. The light becomes an obsession that she later shares with Annie. They were determined to find the truth about the person responsible for the light. The home and the history of it cause Kate to confront the past that she has been shielded from for so many years. Share the adventure with Kate and Annie as they journey into Kate’s past to find her true identity. See the people that shaped her life and those that were kept away from her. Hear the secrets, lies and horrors that were inflicted upon her loved ones. Share in Kate’s pain when the true identity of her parents is revealed. We find out rather early that Kate is in danger, but the question is, why?