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Denisa Rosca
Shumi the Dwarf Hamster
Denisa Rosca, author

Picture Book; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

Meet Shumi, a dwarf grey hamster with impossible dreams. An unfortunate turn of events places Shumi in the heart of Purple City. Here, our hero encounters a cast of unforgettable characters and faces great obstacles in his pursuit to sing along / to the moon and stars way out beyond. But all he finds is broken toys discarded by little boys. Broken cars, a video game, “Such a shame, such a shame,” the hamster thought. When suddenly, something caught the hamster’s eye…
Readers' Favorite

An exciting adventure with breathtaking moments ensues! Author Denisa Rosca has crafted an entertaining children’s book in Shumi the Dwarf Hamster.

This children’s book has many wonderful features. Every character has distinctive qualities – Ellie is loving and kind; Pat the cat shows a range of emotions from anger to kindness; Neon Green Beast invokes strong fear.

The illustrations by Adela Maria Calistru are delightful and add a special touch to this magical tale. The use of colors in both the text and the drawings contributes to the cognitive and visual understanding and imagination of children, and the adults who read this book out loud to them.

Rhyming verses are another fun aspect. Perhaps the best feature of all is the complexity of the story. There are many intriguing characters, several diverse settings, and extraordinary moments.

The enchanting children’s book, Shumi the Dwarf Hamster, written by Denisa Rosca, will charm children over and over again.