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Meg Trotter
Sigyn's Song
Meg Trotter, author
When mermaid Maera is crippled in a nearly fatal shark attack, only Luka the shape-shifting sea witch can help — but there’s a catch. Accepting Luka’s bargain means Maera must go to a new world and learn to walk on legs — legs she can only keep by making a god fall in love with her within one month. If she fails, she’ll lose her new life and fade into sea foam. Despite the sea witch’s heckling, Maera fits herself into the gods' world of longhouses, rune magic, and northern lights with barely a hitch. The handsome Prince Erik is enchanted by her, despite Maera’s inability to speak anything other than the clicks and squeaks of her native tongue. Even Luka's biting criticisms slowly turn into playful banter and Maera starts to suspect that the witch is made more of mischief than maliciousness. However as the time ticks down until the month's end, Maera finds that Luka is hiding vital knowledge about this new world and even her true identity. Knowledge that could change the rules of their bargain completely. And not in Maera's favor. "Sigyn's Song" is a re-imagining of The Little Mermaid crossed with Norse mythology.