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Denis Hayes
Author, Illustrator
Silly Alien Stories for Bigger Kids
Denis Hayes, author

Children/Young Adult; Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror; (Market)

Oh my Goodness! I was kidnapped by Aliens. Sceptical? Heard it all before? Not possible? Of course it is because it happened. I travelled throughout the Galaxies and saved the Universe and was partial to all the Alien secrets. Find out what they were in this book and the second in the series " Silly Alien Space War Stories for Bigger Kids." The Aliens came from the other side of our Universe which actually has no sides. Their Galaxy was so old that it had forgotten its name so it was just called ` The Oldest Galaxy`. The Creator of everything possible had made them the Guardians of the Universe as God had liked what he had done and so went on creating everywhere and all over the place. It didn`t always turn out well!! Guarding the Universe at first was pretty dull and boring because evolution had a habit of going slowly so the Aliens often got up to mischief just to make things more interesting for themselves. Sometimes they went too far and were banned for a million years or so by the Creator as punishment.. Then a threat developed from another Universe that wasn`t content to be in parallel and slipped into ours. Our Universe had to unite. The author hand draws all the characters and creates the photopics. available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kindle, ebooks etc.