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Caitee Cooper

“Tips of cloud tendrils brushed over the shaggy green landscape as the two of them climbed higher onto the ridge. Ellie followed her father’s shape up the slope as it passed in and out of the mists. 

And then an unearthly howl shattered the peaceful mountain air.”

    When Ellie Forth sets out to have a great Alaskan adventure with her remaining family members, she’s got something to prove—and not to them, but to herself. Four years after the unexpected death of her mother and sister, she’s ready to re-embrace her adventurous side.

Oliver Cole’s life, on the other hand, is very simple: go to work, catch fish, come home, and stash every penny earned into his bank account so he can afford to pay for college. But his life is turned upside down when Ellie and her brother—two nearly-forgotten acquaintances from his childhood—burst back into his life.

After a horrific encounter with the supernatural deep in the Kenai Peninsula, Ellie and Oliver must team up to discover the truth about what happened in Portlock, and how to fight a rising tide of evil that has the power to envelop not just Alaska, but the entire world.



"An emotional rollercoaster filled with dread, fear, love, hope, strength, terror and grit - this was one heck of a ride!"

"The characters talk like normal people. And I don't mean by saying "Umm" or "like" constantly, or by swearing excessively. The conversations and banter just feel like...normal conversations. I could easily see myself talking to my siblings in the same way that Sam and Ellie talk. It just feels very natural, which is something I've only seen a handful of other books do well in a way that feels fun and real instead of forced."

"It's not often that you see that good of writing on a debut book!"


"This book is A+++! ...It is such a good book and definitely worth reading."


"The supernatural element was done perfectly, you could feel the anxiety and fear that the characters felt about the demons. I loved that there was a main focus in regards to the supernatural in this book, rather than trying to cram as many elements into the pages as possible."


"Silverskin is the best book I’ve read in a long time!

With the twists and turns you never see coming, Cooper has a unique ability to pull you in from the prologue and keeps you coming back for more. I am eagerly awaiting the sequel, and I am excited to see what Caitee Cooper has in store for us."


    "What a fantastic debut book! I was hooked from the first chapter. I actually got goosebumps the writing was that eery and well-done. There were a few parts that were unbelievably creepy. I usually struggle with third person books but this was very well written."


    "Caitee writes these scenes that envelope you so entirely that you can’t help but feel as if you’re the main character experiencing everything first hand. The opening scene sunk its claws into me and didn’t let go until I read The End. I loved learning and figuring things out with the characters. I feel as if I know them. They’re my family. It’s takes an incredible talent to make the reader feel connected to all the characters. I felt their fear, sorrow, joy, happiness, courage, and everything in between. I absolutely LOVED the twist we got with the supernatural. At one point I put my kindle down and had breathe. Preparing myself for what could happen. When I came back I was shook. I still think about that twist. I have recommended this to all my book buddies!"