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Ned Abraham
Simple Answers to the Bog Questions
Ned Abraham, author
In this book, all beliefs, convictions, theories, and assumptions, whether scientific, religious, or humanistic, about the formation of the universe, the generation of life including that of Homo sapiens, the past, the present and the future, are set aside. Evidence for or against a conviction is examined in an easy-to-read format but using Scientific Methodology, the only truly objective way to measure evidence. With no preconceived opinions, Stephen Hawking’s and Religion’s answers to life’s Big Questions are systematically and objectively appraised. The Rules were to: Assume nothing! Use only proven facts! Rank the strengths and levels of evidence. Do not make up evidence to prove a preconceived theory. Use probabilities, mathematics, and statistics. Reach the most accurate or at the very least, the least inaccurate scientific conclusions. The aim of this book is not to choose between science and religion. It is to find the Least Incorrect Answers to the Big Questions